Another mention in the press!

I’ve been mentioned towards the end of this article in the Boston Globe.

Also, Color Me Calm has made another bestsellers list on in the Trade section. Color Me Calm comes in at number 5, between James Patterson and Jodi Picoult!  Who’d’ve thought it, eh?  Listed up there amongst such successful and popular fiction authors!

Kintsugi: Gold Repair of Ceramic Faults

Angela Porter:

I came across Kintsugi a few years ago, and my latest art journaling page reminded me of it, and how it applies to healing the cracks we gather throughout life in ourselves too…

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In 1999 I traveled to Japan to participate in several exhibitions hosted by my dear friend Mr. Shiho Kanzaki.  I arrived with gifts for all the many people that were required to make this amazing opportunity a reality for me.


After I arrived and was unpacking, I discovered that 4 of the side-fired cups that I’d brought as gifts had been broken by the baggage-handling process.  Without a thought I dumped them into the waste basket in my room.  Sometime later that week, someone came to my room and took out the trash.  


After a remarkable 6 weeks in Shigaraki, two exhibitions, travel,  fine food, new friends…my visit came to an end.


As often happens there were some “parting gifts” given by me to my hosts; and some gifts were given to me by my hosts.  Among the parting gifts I received, I discovered…

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Art Journal Page

Today, I followed my instincts/intuition and spent time creating an art journal page. It’s not often I share my art journal pages it has to be said, but this one is something different for me in terms of my art journal.

The tree looks like it’s made out of Tiffany-style glass and shimmers slightly with a golden opalescence. The words are very appropriate for this point in my life. I really am standing at the threshold of a door that is opening into newness for me and it is both exciting and scary, but I’m taking the decisions to step through that door as fearlessly as I can.

My art journal is proving very useful for my personal progress and insights into myself and what is happening within me when I don’t have words to describe it. It is also a way for me to explore different ways of artistic expression, including me getting very mucky fingers and hands today, which is most unlike the usual me!

What it did allow me to do was to find a sense of contentment, inner peace and the ability to have a gentle smile on my face throughout the day, even now. That truly is a good thing!

That happens when I create art of all kinds, but even more surprisingly it does when I’m working out what is going on with those pesky ‘inner demons and black dogs’ – the negative thought patterns that are so wrong. It’s easier to dispel them when I’m creating, a lot easier.

A article entitled “Is colouring as a hobby beneficial or harmful?” was shared on my Facebook account today, and re-shared by myself.

My answer to the headline question would be that it is whatever each person gains from the experience.  For some it is creative as they utilise all their creative skills in the use of colour, for others it is developing and exploring how they can use pattern, for others it is just a pleasurable break from the hurly-burly of everyday life, for some it becomes an almost meditative practice where they lose themselves in the flow of the process, for some it may be a return to the innocence and lack of responsibility of childhood.

What is wrong with these things?  Nothing!  Are they harmful?  I doubt it.

Yes, it’s something that seems to be ‘all the rage’ now, the colouring ‘fad'; but is it a fad?

Adults have always coloured in and enjoyed doing so, just not quite as openly as now.  Colouring books for the more mature market have been available for many years for those who saught them out.

What was once a hobby, an interest, a pastime that was done almost in secret is now coming out into the light, and that can only be a good thing.

Here’s the art journal page I created today, and though it isn’t my best drawing work, it’s not meant to be.  and I enjoyed the colouring of the tree and so on as much as I did the drawing and everything else!  And I feel calm, peaceful and content even now, some hours after I finished the work.

And that is no bad thing at all.

2015-06-18 14.29.01_resized

Color Me Calm – #25 on a bestsellers list!

It’s true!  Color Me Calm is at #25 in a bestsellers wish with Publishers Weekly!

Color Me Calm, #25 in bestsellers list!
In the Pink on page 13

I’m honestly and truthfully amazed by this.  It’s way beyond what I ever expected for my art and for a coloring book aimed at adults with the idea of using the images for a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Thank you to all who have purchased the book and made it such a success.

Thank you to all who believed in me to get me started on this journey – Jeannine Dillon at Race Point Publishing (part of Quartos Publishing Group), Jason Schneider at Creative Haven by Dover Publishing, Claire Cater at Michael O’Mara Books, and all the friends who have been so supportive (you know who you are!)

A little colouring break

I’ve been busy with black and white line art over the past few days.  Seeing so many people colouring artwork in with gay abandon had me hankering for my Polychromos coloured pencils, paper stumps and blending fluid for a while this evening.  I drew some designs just for my own personal fun over the weekend and decided to add colour to one of them.  Below is the result, the work in progress.

It could take a while to get finished as I have so much line art to do, which is great for me.  It is therapeutic, soothing, healing for me and that is just what I need at this point in life.

AngelaPorter_Artwyrd_Otherworldy_0001One thing I could do with an answer to is why do scanners always wash out the colours I have used?  I have a Brother A3 printer/scanner, which is great as I’m tending towards using larger paper these days, but try as I might I can’t seem to stop the color washout.

If anyone can give me any advice, help or instructions then that would be grand!