Changes are good!

I’ve finally done it!

I’ve left teaching to set sail on a new career as a freelance illustrator/artist and whatever else happens along my way.  It’s both exciting and scary.

A lot of things came together at once to get me to start a new path.  Another bout of long-term illness being one, a good look at the amount of work available to me from existing editors/publishers being another.

I think the financial aspect of the change is the biggest scary thing I have to face.  For 28 years I’ve been a teacher with a permanent contract that has a regular monthly salary attached to it.

Now, there’s no regularity in income, which is a tad scary when I stop and think about it in connection to my past.  However, I am doing my best not to do that, to think positively about my future, a future that is so good for me in so many ways.

One excellent thing about it is being able to choose as and when I work.  After 28 years of dancing to a regimented timetable and day the freedom is bliss!  I can make use of when I’m inspired and full of energy and motivation.  The deadlines I have to work to help with the focus, but I know that I do have a lot of flexibility in how I work to meet those deadlines. I also love the ability to have energizing afternoon naps when I need to!

Working from home is another plus.  It’s been my refuge and place of safety and security for so long that it’s nice to be here. My cat really appreciates me being home too; at 14 years of age and a clingy pusscat with some health problems I’m happy to be with him.  He’s good company and makes sure I go to bed at a sensible time; simply because he wants to cwtch up to me for his big nights sleeps.

Of course, the biggest wonderful thing about changing career is that I am doing something that I’m passionate about, that brings me joy and pleasure.

Not that teaching didn’t.  It did, for a long time, but it’s time for me to change.  I’m sure I’ll use my teaching skills in other ways as time goes on, but not in a school environment.  However, for the foreseeable future I’m going to be focusing on my arty pursuits, as well as learning about a lot of things such as accounts and accountants (I have one, I just have to collect together all that she needs from me …) and get into a routine of keeping receipts and a log of journeys made in connection with my business.

My home as had a HUGE clear-out to make space for me to work in comfortably as well as to store all my arty crafty supplies and completed artwork and various forms of paperwork and so on.  Eighteen years of accumulated stuff had to go as well as stuff I no longer need, value or find pleasure in.  My niece helped, rather, did most of the work, and between us we were ruthless! There are still bits and bobs to sort out and do, but deadlines take precedence for the next couple of weeks or so!  The clear out has me behind, eek!  Luckily I have so good and understanding editors who always build wiggle room into contracts for me without telling me what that wiggle room is.

The process is mostly finished, but a deep clean is on the cards for soon, and some repairs need doing so I need to find reliable tradesmen who charge fair price and do a good job, something else I need to learn about!

It is all exciting.

Add to that there’s more colouring books and stamps coming out that I’ve done the designs for.

I’m currently working on a Tropical Rainforest themed colouring book for Skyhorse Publishing and the sixth in the series of the Color Me books along with Lacy Mucklow.  The sixth book is appropriately named ‘Color Me Grateful’, and grateful is something I really am of my new career, my cleared out home, my family and friends who have helped in so many ways, and the many experiences from my past life as a teacher that have helped to get me to this point in my life, both good, indifferent and bad.

Friday last, I met up with a small number of colleagues from the school I taught at for 27 years for high tea in a local country house hotel.  There was lots of laughter as we remembered the good times over those many years, not a lot of mention was made of the not so good times.  All the characters we’ve worked with and known, both staff and students!  It was good to do.  I couldn’t go into the school for the official farewell gathering as my emotional/mental health isn’t strong enough for that yet.  But a quieter gathering away from the school was perfect!

One other thing I do hope to do is to make more frequent blog posts once I find my ‘voice’ for my blog. I’m thinking of adding some tutorials to do with the arty stuff I do, maybe.  Feedback or ideas are always welcome, whether for blog posts or ideas for future books, artwork themes and so on.

Color Me Stamps!

I have designed sets of clear stamps for Hampton Arts.  The range is called ‘Color Me by Angela Porter’.  It’s been a lovely challenge to do, and another string to my artistic bow too.

I’m being sent my own sets of the stamps and I can’t wait to play with them and embossing powder in particular to get the ‘stained glass’ kind of colours that I so love!

Of course I’ll post my versions here.  It’s all exciting for me!  Everything!


Color me calm – NYT bestseller!

We’ve done it!  Color Me Calm has made it to the NYT bestsellers lists!

A huge thank you goes out to Jeannine Dillon, editor, and Lacy Mucklow for being partners in this five book series.

Thanks also go to all the bods at Race Point Publishing, a division of Quartos.

Finally, but definitely not least, a ginormous thank you goes out to all those people who have supported me in so many ways that have helped me get to this point in my life, one where my creativity is being expressed and I am healing on so many levels as a result.


Happy 2016!

I’m taking a little break from drawing the templates for Color Me To Sleep, due to be released in a few months time.

2015 has been a year, one of great change in many ways for myself, as well as for others.  Highs and lows too.

The amount of art that I have been creating, particularly templates for adult colouring books, has increased, and shows now sign of tailing off. The books I have done seem to be really successful, not just in sales, but in the media exposure they have had, particularly in the USA. The last year or so with these has been a whirlwind ride.  I still find it hard to believe that my doodly, whimsical, imperfect, hand-drawn art has been, and continues to be so popular.  I am so grateful for this and the opportunities that I have been given.


Above all else, I’m so grateful for those who have helped me, encouraged me and been beside me as I have made my journey through life this year, as difficult as I have been at times when the ‘black dog’ overwhelms me.  Words can’t express my gratitude fully to these people, to those who believed in me when I had no belief in myself.

Thank you to you one and all, you know who you are.

Just before I head back to drawing, I’d like to wish everyone joy, peace, love and an abundance of good things in the days that come, not just with the calendar change over, but every day for the rest of existence.

Happy holiday festivities!

I wish everyone all the very best of the seasons wishes as well as an abundance of love, joy and peace for all in this world, not just today, but every day ahead of us all.

I’ve spent this morning lost in art, as is so often the case with me, and this mandala is the result!

If you wish to download and colour it, then please do!  Please share your results with me as I’d love to see how you use colour to bring it to life.  All I ask is that you mention myself as the creator of the template and a mention of either this blog or my facebook page – Angela Porter Illustrator.  Thank you, and enjoy!

25 December 2015 (c) Angela Porter

New colouring books from me!

Color Me Fearless is the fourth book in the Color Me series of books.  It’s available to pre-order now.  It’s due to be published in March 2016.


The fifth and final book in the Color Me series of Zen Colouring Books is also available to pre-order, it’s publication date is in April 2016.

I have another book in my Entangled series in Creative Haven is also available to pre-order – Entangled Dragonflies. Again, this is due to be published in April 2016

The third of my books in the Entangled series is available to pre-order and it will be published in June 2016.